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Throwback: Siquijor

It’s already been two years since friends and I went to Siquijor. This is probably a long time for many, but the memories remain so vivid inside my head. Sometimes I still wonder if it had really been that long since we explored that lovely island, or was it just yesterday?

Anyway, to look back to that memorable experience, here are some of the highlights from the said trip:

Catching the best sunset ever

After checking in to Czar’s Place in San Juan, we immediately looked for a place where we could chill and catch the sunset. Luckily, The Baha Bar was right across the resort. Apart from its two-story bar and cafe and several nipa huts where one could hang out, it also had an honesty bar positioned right in front of the beach. It was where I witnessed the best sunset I’ve ever seen in my life.


Having spontaneous trips to the beach

Travelers usually come up with concrete plans when they travel, but not us. For that trip, we simply made a list of places we could visit. It was never final, so we were always open to changes. Sure, it suited our style just fine. Imagine, instead of booking prepackaged tours, we opted to rent motorcycles, which we took around the island. After all, it was fun visiting places on a whim. Each time we saw something interesting, an arrow pointing to the direction of a place we had read about for example, we made a stop to see what the place was about. That was how we ended up on Salagdoong Beach in Maria.

Siquijor 2016 (3)

Appreciating old churches

Okay, I admit it. Despite refusing to prepare a definite list of places to visit in Siquijor prior to the trip, I made a promise to myself to see as many old churches on the island as I could. Although I had stopped hearing masses, I could not let go of my fascination with old churches. No wonder, when we passed by Lazi Church one on our third afternoon on the island, I was in awe. I even asked my friends to stop, so we could at least appreciate its architectural design.

lazi church siquijor

Before we left the island, I also made a quick trip to the St. Francis of Assisi Parish. It was convenient, since the said church was close to the port.

Siquijor 2016 (13)

Testing limits, and failing occasionally

I don’t know how to swim. However, for this trip, I was feel extra adventurous that when our guides at the Tulapos Marine Sanctuary took us to a deep part of the sea to go snorkeling, I had the guts to jump off the boat. I realized that the waves were a bit strong for me, though, so I started fearing for my life just a few seconds after. Before I knew it, I was already asking our guides to help me get to the boat again. Epic fail. Well, at least I tried.

Chasing waterfalls (lol)

I just wanted to use the phrase, actually. It does not really apply to our trip to Cambugahay Falls, which I guess was one of the best places we visited on the island. In fact, we were all in awe upon seeing the waterfalls. The color of the water was just amazing. Plus, it was not as buwis-buhay as other falls (like Casaroro, for example).

cambugahay falls siquijor

Purchasing gayuma

Before the end of our second day on the island, we went to the Century-Old Balete Tree, where my friends enjoyed a unique experience–fish spa!

It was also during that stop when we saw a store selling souvenirs, including gayuma or love potion. I bought a small bottle of it even though I had no intention of using it (yet).

gayuma siquijor

Oh, memories. I wish I could go back to Siquijor soon!


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