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Marian Aims to Inspire Other Women With Snow Crystal White Tomato

Marian Rivera is definitely one of the biggest stars we have today.  Yet, no matter how famous she is, Marian remains humble. In fact, she isn’t ashamed to admit that she herself faces some challenges not only as a human being but also as a woman.

I learned about some of these when I attended the launch of Vida Nutriscience’s Snow Crystal White Tomato held at the New World Hotel in Makati last July 27. Marian was also officially welcomed as the product’s endorser in the said event.


During the event, Marian shared how she began her journey in the show business–from joining pageants as a child and as a teenager to doing some TV commercials that eventually led to more and bigger opportunities. She also revealed that she used to dream of being a teacher. However, when she had an idea that she’d be able to make more people happy as an actress, she took the plunge. And she’s been so happy since.

Marian Rivera for Snow Crystal White Tomato from Mina Deocareza on Vimeo.

Yet of course, like any other women, Marian has to go through some changes, too. These changes have demanded not only maturity but also some adjustments in terms of lifestyle. One of these major changes, according to her, is motherhood.

queen marian rivera


Her schedule has become more hectic ever since she has become a mom, especially that she’s also very hands-on as a mother. She has to perform her duties as a loving wife to Dingdong, too. But this does not mean that Marian already forgets how to care for herself.

“Maarte na ako noon, pero mas maarte ako ngayon.” And yes, she’s even more willing to take some necessary steps to maintain her beauty and well being now that she already has more responsibilities in life.

“Maraming nagbago sa ‘yo eh. Imagine, nagbuntis ka for nine months tapos after nun inalagaan mo pa yung anak mo. Syempre may mga pagkakataon talaga na sasabihin mo na, ‘ay kailangan talaga may something na supplement para ma-maintain ko, kung mapuyat man ako, mapagod man ako, magtrabaho ako’. Nakakakatulong talaga na may supplement kang tine-take.”

Snow Crystal White Tomato from Mina Deocareza on Vimeo.

And that’s when she shared the good news about Snow Crystal White Tomato. Apart from her existing skin care routine–which includes removing makeup immediately after work and before going home, steaming, washing her face–she is also using the product to keep her skin healthy and looking young. She also emphasized that she could already skip sunblock for sun protection because Snow Crystal White Tomato can already do the job for her.

She also added that with her new product endorsement, she wanted to inspire more women, especially moms and women might still be afraid of becoming mothers. Marian wanted them to know that just because they already have more responsibilities in life doesn’t mean that they should already forget about themselves.

In fact, she has always believed that there is no reason to stop being conscious with one’s beauty and overall well-being. After all, these are necessary in sustaining self-confidence.

marian for snow crystal white tomato

She also invited fellow women to use the product, so they could also feel better about themselves. “Syempre pag gandang-ganda ka sa sarili mo, ewan ko na lang kung hindi ka pa ganahan lumabas at humarap sa mga tao!”


snow crystal white tomato food supplement and soap

Snow Crystal White Tomato is the first supplement in the Philippines to offer the unique combination of Phytofloral derived from Crystal White Tomato and the popular and proven Kohjin Glutathione.  Phytofloral is new to the Philippine Market, and Vida will be the first to offer it in a widely available oral supplement.  It is a very effective, clinically tested whitening and anti-aging compound.  Phytofloral offers protection against darkening and even damage caused by exposure to UV rays of the sun.  It is also very effective for evening skin tone.

The Crystal White Tomato from which the Colorless Carotenoids that make up Phytofloral are derived is a non-GMO.   The combination of Phytofloral with Kohjin Glutathione is topped off with Bioperine, an ingredient that increases the efficacy of the Phytofloral and Kohjin Glutathione combination by 30%.


Snow Crystal White Tomato

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