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Sulok Cafe: My new favorite tambayan in Antipolo

Before 2016 ended, I had been able to meet Rod and Andy of Sulok Cafe in Antipolo City for a feature. I had a lot of fun that afternoon because the millenial couple was so cool.

sulok cafe (1)

I learned that they were also in their 20s and both of them used to hold corporate jobs. Last year, they decided to quit their jobs to put up their very own cafe. Guess what? They even used the money they originally intended for their wedding and married life to start this business, which opened just last July. It was a huge risk, sure. But to be honest, I really think that they made a great decision.

sulok cafe (17)

Sulok Cafe was a great place, we thought. We were impressed by its nice vibe, as well as the fact that it encouraged people to be who they really were. It could be everyone’s sacred corner.

We also noticed that the cafe was serving a wide array of dishes and drinks at affordable rates. That time, I was with my two sisters and we were able to sample some of their bestsellers.

sulok cafe (18)

First, we tried some appetizers. Among them were the Fish Tacos (Php165), which had the perfect blend of flavor and creaminess. They were also fresh and light; yummy yet guilt-free, really!

sulok cafe (3)

Then, we tried the Chili Poppers (Php135). I haven’t been a fan of spicy food yet I really appreciated this particular dish, perhaps because it had just the right level of spiciness.

sulok cafe (8)

We were also able to try Sulok Cafe’s very unique take on Pesto Pasta–the Malunggay Pasta (Php160). It looked peculiar because of its bright green color. But its unique appearance did not stop us from trying it, of course. And yes, it was delicious.

sulok cafe (7)

The Tuyo Mushroom Pasta (Php160) immediately became a favorite of mine. I liked how light it was, compared to other oil-based pasta dishes I’ve ever tried. It also had just the right level of saltiness.

sulok cafe (5)

The Corned Beef Bagizza made the pizza and corned beef lover in me so happy. According to Rod and Andy, Bagizza (Baguette + Pizza) was something the two of them just came up with.

sulok cafe (4)

Next, we had the Chicken Sandwich, which veered away from the usual. Instead of the typical chicken spread, it had a generous serving of chicken tenders and veggies!

sulok cafe (6)

The next one we tried was Adobo Flakes (Php99). Served with rice and a sunny side up, it reminded me of what hangover food should always be like.

Of course, we also tried some of the drinks served by the cafe. My two sisters tried the White Mocha Frappe and the Caramel Frappe, while I indulged in the bold and creamy Cafe Antonio.

sulok cafe (9)

My sisters and I had a lot of fun, indeed. And yes, I have fallen in love with the place. Actually, it has just become my newest favorite tambayan in Antipolo City!

Sulok Cafe is located at 2/F Okinari Arcade, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City, Rizal. It is open daily, from 12nn to 11pm.

For inquiries, kindly call (02) 534 4918. You may also check it out on Facebook ( and Instagram (@sulokcafe) for more information.



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