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Boracay Island, Philippines

Summer is almost over here in the Philippines. Yet, before I start posting stuff about my summer adventures, I want to share these photos first.

I was lucky to have celebrated New Year’s in Boracay with E and his family. There was a storm signal in the island when we went there but it did not stop us from having fun. We even tried parasailing! The island was also very beautiful that it shone despite the bad weather.

Boracay1Boracay3 Boracay4 Boracay5 Boracay6 Boracay7 Boracay8 Boracay9 Boracay10 Boracay11 Boracay12 Boracay13 Boracay14 Boracay15 Boracay16 Boracay17 Boracay18 Boracay19 Boracay20 Boracay21 Boracay22 Boracay23


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