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Beach-Ready Body? Possible with MySlim!

Summer is nearing its end. In case you haven’t had much fun under the sun because you feel like your body is not summer ready yet, don’t worry.  That’s because you can actually feel summer-ready throughout the year.


Among the things you can do to achieve this goal is drinking MySlim Slimming and Detox Drink and taking MySlim Natural Fat Burner Complex. What’s really great about them is that they can help you achieve a beach-ready body without compromising your health.

This incredible drink contains Finomate/EFLA920 (Yerba Mate Extract). Coming from yerba mate or green mate leaf, it is an all-natural ingredient that increases your energy level while facilitating weight loss. It also makes you crave less for it helps suppress appetite while lowering fat absorption and quickening the fat burning procedure.

It also has Palatinose. Naturally derived from Sucrose, this is used to sweeten this sugar-free drink. It also controls the release of glucose into the blood, allowing you to have more stable energy than can last longer. Carnipure is also present in the drink. Known as a higher form of L-Carnitine, it converts fats into usable energy.


Because of all these, you won’t feel tired even if you are losing weight. Instead, you will still feel energized. You will also feel lighter and healthier, since it helps flush toxins out of your body. That’s just how amazing this drink is!

For best results, drink MySlim before going to bed, every other day. Better stay at home the following day to avoid hassle, since it is going to make you go to the toilet more often than the usual. But don’t worry because it does not have bad effects on your health. This is just how it helps your body get rid of the toxins. You won’t also feel tired after drinking this.

MySlim Slimming and Detox Drink comes in 200ml bottles. It tastes like a regular strawberry-flavored iced tea drink. Yes, no weird taste! Each bottle costs P89. If you want something that is cheaper and handier, you can have the sachet version of it. Each sachet costs P49.


MySlim Capsules, on the other hand, helps speed up metabolism through Metaburn. Through this substance, the energy from food is being used by the body instead of being stored as fat. It also helps suppress cravings. So if you have been meaning to go on a diet but struggling with so many cravings, this one can really help you.

Eager to see and feel the results of these capsules? Take a total of four capsules per day—two in the morning after breakfast and another two after dinner. Like the MySlim Slimming and Detox Drink, these capsules are also very safe to take. They don’t have harmful side effects. Each bottle has 30 capsules and costs P540.


With both MySlim Slimming and Detox Drink and MySlim Capsules, staying in figure is so much easier. And since you can start taking them as early as now, you can be sure that your body is ready for the beach for next summer. In fact, any time of the year would be good. You can feel fearless. Whenever someone asks you to go have fun under the sun with them, you no longer have to think twice and just go with them without worries.

What are you waiting for? Start feeling healthier and sexier with MySlim and have a beach-ready body throughout the year!

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