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Have Perfect Brows through The Brow Studio

Brows are among the body parts people usually do not pay much attention to. In fact, there are still a lot of people who are clueless on how to take care of them properly. No wonder, they just leave their brows as they are, not minding them even if they are already too thick, bushy, thinner, or shorter than the usual. I myself was like this for so many years. I have always been aware of how thin and short my brows are but I never really cared about them. I just thought that it would be better if I’d just leave them as they were. Nothing beats natural beauty, I just thought. However, things changed when I started working in the wedding industry. Sure, I met different wedding suppliers including makeup artists and fashion designers. Little by little, I appreciated the wonders of makeup. I also noticed how having good brows make a lot of difference in someone’s overall packaging. A friend of mine confirmed that one day when he told me that in reality, having good brows is the key to a better look. A woman can already look good even without makeup as long as she has a good pair of brows.

My brows before the brow design

I was moved, of course. So when I heard about The Brow Studio, I immediately got interested. Since I wanted perfect brows, I thought that I what I really needed was some kind of professional help.


We visited its The block SM North Branch. We learned that this particular branch opened just last year but now, it already has a lot of customers most especially during weekends. Actually, The Brow Studio itself is still pretty young. Its first branch opened in November 2010 but since then, it has already become a huge hit. It’s the first salon in the country to focus on brows.

Inside The Brow Studio Their other branches can be found in Eastwood City, SM Megamall, SM City Manila, SM City Lanang Premiere, SM City Baguio, Shopwise Araneta Cubao, SM City Clark, SM City BF Paranaque, and SM City Fairview.

With the owner, Brow Specialist Kristine Rochelle "Teng" Tobillo The Brow Studio guarantees a high level of expertise when it comes to grooming and shaping eyebrows. They also give advice to their clients, letting them know the perfect brow shape for them.

Inside the Brows Studio The Brow Studio looked good on the inside and its interiors helped me to be more relaxed. Since it would be my first ever brow design experience, I was a bit nervous at first. I was worried, too, for my brows were thin and short that I was not sure if something could be done with them.

Ms. Emy while discussing my current eyebrow state Good thing, I learned that there was still hope. Ms. Emy, the brow designer assigned to me, explained my current eyebrow state and what could be done in order to achieve a perfect pair of brows. According to her, what I needed was eyebrow design. Basically, she would fix the form of my brows through threading and tweezing.

During the brow design process It was just the beginning. The brow design was done simply to correct my brows’ form. To make them longer, on the other hand, I was told to use their special brow serum that nourishes brows and even wake up follicles.

The brow vitamins In the mean time, I’d have to pencil my brows to fill in the space where I need to grow more hair. No more worries for me, though, as she also taught me how to use pencil properly. My brows after the brow design process My brows do not look perfect yet but I am really positive that they will be better in a month or so. All I have to do is visit The Brow Studio regularly for express cleanup and get rid of unwanted strands of hair and of course, follow the pieces of advice given to me. I am really thankful that  The Brow Studio exists. Now I am ready to have perfect brows. By the way, they also offer other services such as threading and waxing. Check out their rates.

The Menu

The Brow Studio

5/F The Block SM City North EDSA

Other branches: Eastwood City, SM Megamall, SM City Manila, SM City Lanang Premiere, SM City Baguio, Shopwise Araneta Cubao, SM City Clark, SM City BF Paranaque, and SM Fairview

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrowStudioPhils

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LRT Queen is Mina Deocareza, a superwoman from Quezon City, Philippines. She holds a creative writing degree from UP Diliman and works as a content writer and editor for a several websites and brands. She’s also the editorial director of Sinaya Cup, a local brand of menstrual cups. She tries to live more by owning less.

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